Friday, January 8, 2021

Day 8 of 365 - Death by Chicharron

Yes! I survived! I can live to tell you all how I almost died by choking on a pork rind!  

Picture it, a the Bronx! A Plumbing office where I work Monday through Friday! I had just returned from parking my car, because of alternate side of the street parking rules.  

After parking my car today, I walked to the corner store to pick up some milk for the office.  While I was there I decided that I wanted to much on something.  So I grabbed a bag of pork rinds. Why not, Right? I pay for the items and I walk back to the office.  

I get back inside and I wash my hands take off my coat, put the milk in the fridge and I take my pork rinds with me to my desk.  I haven't sat yet, but I open them up and I pop one in my mouth.  My throat felt dry, but I figured I would take a nice gulp of my water to wash it down.  All of a sudden I realize that the damn thing is not going down, I can't swallow and I can't breathe!!!!!!! I froze and tried to look around to see what I could do.  I thought, this has happened before, once when I was having a panic attack.  That's it I am panicking and I need to just calm down.  I try to relax. But, I still can't breathe!!!!! I know!!!!! Drink some water, that will do it.  It will wash it down and I will be okay.  Shit!!!!! That didn't work, now I am choking more because the water can't go down.  I Know!!!! Cough, keeping coughing!!!! My face feels like it is on fire!  What am I going to do?  I know!!!! CALL TRAIN! He will know what to do.  If you can't breathe, you can't TALK!!!! 

I try to breathe through my nose, but I can't breathe.  I start to see spots in my eyes!!! I know!!!! Make yourself throw up!  It will come out!  I am banging on my chest, I am coughing, I AM GOING TO DIE!!!!! I am not sure how I got there, but now I am in the bathroom and I am folded over, and I am blacking out!  I start bending over the toilet and I am trying to clear my air way!  I am feeling light headed and it is getting hard for me to stand. I imagined myself like Fred Sanford in Sanford and Son when he was having one of his attacks! This is it!  This is it!!!! I kept telling myself, I am going to die, here alone and no one will know until they try to find me.  I start picturing my family worried for me! This can't be it!  This can't be the end.  I had to make it!  I don't exactly how, but I tried to take a deep breath in and with all my might, I mean my eyes felt as if they were bulging out now.  It was all or nothing!  I thrust my torso forward and I am not sure if I coughed, blew out.  Whatever it was, I felt relief!  It was out and I took a breath in!  My knees buckled and my body was shaking.  I couldn't control myself.  I was relieved and terrified.  I cried, and found my way to my chair!  

I am ALIVE Bitches!!!!!!! I survived the Killer Chicharron!!!!!! 

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