Thursday, January 7, 2021

Day 7 of 365 - I didn’t let anyone see me touch my balls today

In my last post I mentioned having children with special needs, and how their accomplishments are like winning the lottery!  Well, Tuesday my son’s teacher called to check in and discuss Donovan.  Donovan is 14 and has Autism.  He is fortunate to be able to go to school 5 days a week.  

He was obsessing about summer school and high school on Monday.  Usually the first thing he says when I get in from work is, “Hey Mom, what’s for dinner?” But, instead it was “Hey mom, I don’t want to go to summer school and I don’t want to go to High School!” I thought, wow their prepping him to transition already? It’s only January. But I talked to him and tried to calm him, by letting him know his favorite person in the world goes to high school.  His sister Devynn.  He asked questions and we all took turns talking to him about it.  

I meant to follow up with his teacher and shoot her an email, but this is the busiest time of the year for me at work.  So I forgot, but she called to discuss his new obsession with High School.  Long story short a student asked where the High School was and this triggered Donovan. We decided to get him a social story to work through it.  THEN....... she begins to tell me that she believes Donovan “has found himself”.  Well, he found “himself” a while ago I said.  He tends to stim and pat his lap area.  But he hadn’t done it a while.  She goes and says that he’s not patting, but it looks like he’s touching it.  She thinks he doesn’t understand what is going on.  I let her know I am open with Donovan and that I don’t want him to be ashamed of it, but that he needs to as he calls it “trying” when he is alone and no one else is around, because it’s unexpected and gives people uncomfortable thoughts.  So when he’s home he will find his alone time.  

I let her know that when I got home I would speak with him.  And I did.  I explained that he cannot touch himself in public, just like “trying”.  It is unexpected and gives people uncomfortable thoughts.  He said ok and wouldn’t do it.  

On Wednesday I get a call from the hubby and he’s hysterical laughing.  He said that the minute he got home from school, he announces, “I didn’t let anyone see me touch my balls!” 

Yes, Ladies and Gents! That is a win!!!!!  

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