Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Which One are You?


Today in my grateful Journal, I was prompted to write a gratitude letter to myself.  This has always been a difficult thing for me because I am not comfortable with praising myself. In fact, sometimes I shy from hearing it from others.  I do what I do because it makes me feel good and I am always afraid that someone will think that I am doing it for the praise and attention. But I have learned that it is healthy and okay to be grateful for yourself! 

I spent so much time feeling sorry for the family and friends that drifted or just stopped communicating that I lost time with the family and friends that are here!  I know now to really focus on them.  My family needs me and they need all of me. 

I allowed others to take my power and energy, with or without their knowing.  Most times you are so angry and hurt, but the other person is ignorant to the pain and hurt they caused you. And are living happy lives.  I now will only use my energy on things that I have control of.    No more giving it away. 

But I am proud of myself.  2020 has been an eye-opening year for me.  It has taught me to slow down and pause, so that you can really appreciate what you have.  It has taught me that life is to be lived, and that a positive outlook is the best thing to own.  Enough of the glass being half empty! It is half full. 



Sunday, June 28, 2020


Feeling worn out and beginning to feel like I am going to unravel.  I am swimming against the current and I am stuck in the same place.  I have support but there are just some things that I have to decide on my own.  Most of all, I have to do what is best for myself and my wellbeing.  Too many times I make a decision based on how my actions will affect someone else, and It isn’t good for me.  I think it’s time I take my own advice.... Liz, if you gave it a 💯 and you didn’t pass, you didn’t fail!