Tuesday, July 31, 2018

A Boogie Down Chick in Ossining!!!

It has been a while since my last post, and A LOT has happened since then. 

It's a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, As I sit here in front of my new home reflecting on my life, I can't believe how much has happened and changed in my life in such a short period of time. 

This born and bred Boogie Down Chick and her family now reside in Westchester County  in a town called Ossining! 

  It wasn't an easy decision, but one I am happy with. Our roots are still planted in our homeland of the Bronx, though. Hubby and I both still work in the Bronx, and I have a nonprofit organization D3 Sports & Recreation Inc. And most of all of our moms both live in the Bronx.  

We closed on our new home in December 2017 and we moved in shortly after. we are still settling in, but it definitely feels like home. We've added some new family members.  Please meet our newest babies Chunk and Ms. Chloe!    

Pros to Westchester Life...

  • It is slower than the city, but still full of all the city slicker things that we have come acustomed to. There seems to be less bullshit and red tape in the education system,but I haven't fully experienced it just yet! I will share and update you all as I go.
  • We were fortunate to purchase a multi family home and have our family move in right next door to us.
  • My sister in law moved in next door and our kids can hangout together, run around, and come in and out of each other's homes. 
  • The community has been very welcoming and helpful. 

Cons to Westchester Life...

Not much really! 

  • The commute isn't too bad, but at times there can be a lot of traffic. And that can be stressful, especially when all you want to do is go home. 
  •  Not seeing family and friends as often as I want to. my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer and has chose to refuse treatment. As hard as it is to accept her choice, I do respect it. She wants to live out the rest of her days as best she can. She has recently taken a turn for the worst, and I am afraid I won't be there in time to say good bye. 
Ossining gives me a Stars Hallow vibe, it's a made up town in one of my favorite shows The Gilmore Girls! The community seems very tight knit and inviting. Our home has become our haven. An escape. 
Stay tuned for more on my life and transition into Westchester! 


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