Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Holidays!!!!!

I have very fond memories of the holiday season as a kid.  I always looked forward to the holidays, because it meant that the family would get together.  We would listen to great music and the house would be full of amazing aromas, from all the delicious dishes. 
When I was pregnant I wondered how Christmas would be for my children.  I try to continue the same traditions that my mother practiced with me, with my kids.  We are sure to take the kids to see Santa. 
Having a child with Autism, a simple trip to see Santa can be difficult.  We have been truly blessed with all of our experiences with Santa. 

This year Donovan insisted that we see Santa!  I felt horrible, because we missed the Quiet Santa offered by Macy's and Autism Speaks.  But, we set out to find a way to meet Santa and Take our family picture! 

We gather together on Christmas eve, we have dinner as a family.  We eat and drink, and reminisce about Christmases past.  The kids get excited about Christmas day and prepare for Santa's delivery.  

They leave out cookies and milk and fight to stay up and catch a glimpse of the Happy Fat Guy in Red.  Christmas morning, me and the hubby are usually exhausted from waiting for the kids to fall asleep to put out their presents. But the smile on their faces is so worth it!!!

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