Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It is the thought that matters, so Thanks!

I didn't start blogging or sharing my journey on social media to become famous, or to be rewarded. I started sharing my experiences because of three reasons.  1. I was lost and unsure of myself. I didn't feel confident about the decisions I was making.  I thought if I shared what I was going through, that maybe someone could relate.  As I became more familiar, I thought someone could learn from my experiences and that would make things a little easier.  2. I needed a place to vent and express myself.  Writing seemed to help.  3. Most importantly I wanted to spread awareness of Autism and acceptance.  

I never really thought that anyone would read what I was writing, or that I would even impact someone's life.  I recently received an email from a fellow warrior mom.  And I have to say that it has motivated me to continue to post and share. 

 I also had another mom comment on a post, that truly touched me.  

Through my journey I have met many amazing individuals, and they have touched my soul.  I am grateful for each, for they have all made me a better human being in some way.  

These little things, help me to see that what I have set out to do, are indeed happening!  And that is all the reward I need!  

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