Saturday, March 1, 2014

Awareness and Acceptance in Puerto Rico!!

So I recently traveled to Puerto Rico to handle some family business with two of my brothers.  I planned my trip by purchasing my plane tickets and renting a car with Hertz.  

At my arrival I was grateful to see my two big brothers waiting for me, especially when my flight came in at 4:44 am!  I checked in at the rental desk, and the person was not very friendly.  She was a bit rude, but I was focused on getting out of the airport!  

I asked my brother to drive because I was exhausted.  On our ride to the house, my brother and I talked.  It was dark out and hard to see much.  As the sun rose, I began to look around.  When suddenly the registration sticker caught my eye!  

I thought it was amazing that the sticker had the Autism Awareness ribbon on it!  This made me happy!!!! More Awareness and hope for acceptance!  

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