Friday, November 15, 2013

I won't settle for less!!

So yesterday after my Donomites Parent/Teacher conference I was feeling emotionally drained and exhausted.  I felt defeated. 

I don't want to limit my kids because of their disabilities.  My daughter with dyslexia and my older son with Autism.  But what the Department of Education is requiring and the methods of teaching that they are pushing teachers to teach is  ridiculous.  

My kids are amazing.  They have a lot of potential if they were taught in way that was conducive to them.  

After a lot of crying and feeling pity for myself, my Dono showed me just why I fight!  

This is a letter he wrote, all by himself!!! I couldn't be more proud!  

Afterwards we went to dinner, and my Donomite was a wizard with chopsticks (kid ones! But still amazing!!!! 

Look at the technique!!! Pure talent!!!

Amazing right?! This is a kid who would rather eat with his hands! 

It is these moments that fuel my fire!!! He is amazing and I refuse to accept that this is as far as my Donomite will go!  

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