Thursday, August 1, 2013

When it comes a knocking.. Open up!!!

This is my Dev! She is 8 years old with the soul of middle aged diva!  She was diagnosed with Dyslexia this past November.  For as long as we can remember Dev has struggled with Reading and writing.  This summer, I was given the opportunity to enroll dev in an amazing school for children with learning disabilities.  This is Dev the morning of her last day of her Summer program.

Dev works hard in school.  Her 2nd grade teacher said that Dev was the hardest working student in her class, and if it wasn't for Dyslexia, should would be top of the class.  But mornings are always full of protest and excuses as to why she shouldn't go to school.  I have to say this past month, she has been very cooperative.  She's had a moment or two, but for the most part very willing.  
I would love for her to be able to attend in September, but unfortunately my pockets aren't full.  I just pray that she takes whatever they taught her this summer and brings it with her.  

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