Tuesday, August 20, 2013


No one should have to toot their own horn, so I have decided to start Toot Toot to You Tuesday! I am firm believer in praise and appreciation.  I truly feel that letting someone know how you feel about them and validating their greatness, only produces more greatness.  Most of all it feels pretty damn good to know that all your hard work is not going unnoticed. 
The first honoree of Toot Toot to you Tuesday goes to Lisa Quinones-Fontanez.  I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa about 4 years ago, at parent teacher’s night.  Of all the seats I could’ve taken or all the spots I could have stood, I am very thankful that I sat on that bench.  Fate brought us together that evening and I can honestly say that I am honored to know you. 
You were blessed with an amazing gift and you have not let it go to waste. Your blog and writing has brought relief, humor and so much more, not just to me, but to so many other special needs parents.  Your writing many times makes me feel as if you have read my mind and put my thoughts to paper. 
You give a voice to many who don’t know how to say what it is they are feeling and you use your talent to advocate not just for your child, but for all children.  I admire your openness and the love you have for your son.  Thank you for sharing and creating so many amazing connections. 

Your recent response on Parents.com to a Nasty Hate letter slipped under someone’s door by a coward less being, (saying they are human would be a wrong classification), touched me deeply.  Yesterday the hubby came to me and expressed how much that anonymous letter hurt him.  He has been annoyed by other things, but that letter really disturbed him.   It is things like your response that I appreciate so much about you.  You use your venues to spread the word, where so many others can see it.  And you do it so eloquently, that you continue to shine a positive light on our community.  So I thank you, because your letter was a lot nicer than anything I wanted to say to that piece of turd!   TOOT TOOT TO YOU LISA!!!!

Lisa Quinones-Fontanez Creator of AutismWonderland.com and her Awesome Son Norrin

Ladies and Gents, if you haven't done so already, go check Lisa out at Autism Wonderland. 



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