Sunday, August 18, 2013

It isn't Always easy, but it's Oh So Worth It!!!

Smiles are contagious!  Spread it!!!

This pic was taken this morning.  I love his smile and those early mornings where I am awake before him and he comes to cuddle for a bit.  This has been a crazy week.  With a major mommy meltdown and a loss of a family member, moments like this morning are so appreciated, and precious to me.  

Hard to believe that just a few hours later he had one of the worst meltdowns I'd ever experienced with him.  I didn't want to take the kids to the wake, so I made arrangements with my sister to stay with them for a little bit.  As we were dropping them off, he refused to go inside.  He kept pointing down the street and asking to go to the other Titi's house.  The "perfect One".  (That's his way of saying he wants something else) I was confused and he couldn't explain to me what he wanted.  We finally got him into the house and he started to scream and grab me and say he wanted me, he was going to miss me!"  Nothing I said or did would calm him down.  It broke my heart!    I finally got out the house while he continued to scream and yell.  I was worried someone would call 911, he was yelling so loud.  

I kept calling and checking in.  Each time I called he was still screaming. Eventually my sister called he finally calmed down.  

Once we walked on to pick them up, he saw me and smiled.  I said, see I told you I was coming back.  He squeezed me tight, and started to re-enact hi meltdown  in a more relaxed way.  Almost as if he were making fun of himself.  We hugged and laughed, but it still broke my heart!  I love my kids and seeing them upset hurts twice as hard.  I am thankful he isn't angry with me.  

I see this as another accomplishment.  He got through it and was able work it out.  Another piece to the puzzle put into place.  

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