Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I Want it Now!

Since having my kids, especially my Donomite who is Autistic, I haven't ever really slept as good as I had before kids.  But the last few nights I haven't really been sleeping well at all.  Oddly enough my Donomite has been sleeping great.  He has always enjoyed the sound of the fan, and lately he  camps out right in front of it and sleeps soundly throughout the night.  There has been the occasional 4 am or earlier wake up, but for the most part he is sleeping well.  We have not given him Melatonin in quite some time now.  Wondering what we are going to do when the weather changes and it starts to get cold and the fans will be put away. 

Sorry back to me.  (LoL) well, I haven't been sleeping well and since my other two children don't have to wake up early in the morning I have been allowing myself to sleep a couple of minutes extra in the morning.  A couple of minutes turned into  a half an hour and I was super late at getting myself up and my Donomite ready for school today.  I Jumped up when I realized that I had over slept and began running around like a chicken without a head!!! I had just picked up our laundry the night before and started to try and unpack it and find clothes for Dono to wear.  I know I should have done it last night, But I was exhausted.  I quickly got him dressed and freaked out when I realized that I needed to pack his snack.  Sh!t!!!! Then I remembered that he had made a sandwich the night before and didn't want it, so I had wrapped it up and put it in the fridge for today.  Whew!!!  As I coming out of his room I see the bus in front!  Damn!!! Now I push open my door to let them know I am coming and I haul a$$! I begin yelling Dono!!! come the bus is outside, he runs back to his camping area and covers himself up!  Oh Geez!!! please not this morning.  We did this a couple more times.  He finally gets ups and goes outside.  Now, I am a mess, my hair is not done and I am still in my PJs.  I apologize to the matron and driver for the delay.  He is on the bus, and I wave as it takes off. 

Now, I have to find clothes for the other two to wear, and remember that my Diva Dev wanted to head over to grandma's house bright and early.  I go to wake her and she doesn't budge.  Back to me. I jump in the shower, and quickly wash up.  Jump out with wet hair dripping and rush to find something to wear!  I grabbed the fist pair of undies I saw and put them on.  I contemplated on what to wear.  Did I want to go through the pile of clean clothes or grab a summer dress and slip it on and go?  Summer dress it was!  Threw it on and, proceeded to head out the door.  I tried one last time to wake the Diva up and I was again unsuccessful. 

Out the door I go with my summer dress and dripping wet hair.  Walked to my car as usual and got in.  I had some garbage in the car and noticed the porter cleaning up and had his can parked right by my car.  I grab the stuff and asked if I could toss the garbage in.  He said sure and I tossed the stuff in the trash and walked back to my car.  No thing.  Start the car up and I am off.  Get to work, park my car in my spot and head up to the office.  Now I work in a very commercial area.  Lots of auto body shops, motorcycle and school bus parking lots, to name a few.  usually in the morning the front of our office is empty.  NOT this morning there were lots of people around.  I continued my walk to the office.  Our IT guy was standing in front of his shop holding a baby.  He calls me over to introduce me to his granddaughter.  Very cute baby.  I chit chat a second and head up to my office to start working.  I walk to my office and say my good mornings to the girls like I do every morning. 

My boss had called and needed some information.  I go out to look for it and his assistant who happens to one of my BFFs starts to laugh uncontrollably and yells  "I WANT IT NOW TOO!"  I froze in my spot and turned around to find her right next to me grabbing my rump!  Apparently, I grabbed a pair of undies with wording on them.  and YES they read I want it now!  I am wearing a coral maxi dress.  I now know that you can see through it.  Needless to say we all had a great laugh and now I am still mortified!  Thank God for the wrap sweater I leave in my office.

Let's just say that I will not be allowing myself an extra few minutes of sleep tomorrow morning!!!

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