Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sometimes you have to step back..

(I wrote this Friday night, while I sat in the park and watched my children being children.  Laughing, loving and being happy.  I loved every minute of it...)

Tonight's blog I write while I sit in a neighborhood park and watch my kids play. My Donomite, content with the sprinklers.  My Devynn swinging high on the swings, and my Dusty fast as lightening, as he runs all over.  I am in complete awe of their innocence.  They are carefree and full of happiness.  I understand now, why my mom always said not to rush growing up.  She said to enjoy being a kid, don't rush. It will come soon enough and then time will fly. 

I am a mother of three, but I am far from perfect or knowing it all.  Lately I have been trying new things. Like tonight.  I'm sitting on a bench and the kids are in different areas of the park.  Dev and Dusty are on one side and Dono is in the sprinkler getting wet.  Normally I would be right by Dono's side.  I'm always afraid of letting him run loose.  I usually hover over him and watch him very closely.  Going to the park in the past has been torture for me.  I worry about him, are kids going to tease him or is he going to run off.  

Tonight I watched my Dono and I saw how happy he was.  He wasn't worried about people staring.  He flapped, he made his sounds and hit his chin.  All with the biggest of smiles. He is oblivious to the crazy, evil and dangers of this world we live in.   I asked myself who does Autism affect more? As a mother or parent you naturally worry about the well being of your child, disability or not.  

I would love to live forever in this moment.  I am in an average park, having an amazing moment.  

As I wrap up my blog.  I look over.  All three are at the swings.  Dev is swinging all on her own.  Dusty is sitting on the swing he is the youngest.  And there he was my Donomite, right behind his little brother, pushing him on the swing.  My phone died so I wasn't able to capture the moments, but you better believe that the mental pics are just as amazing!!!

(I was able to get these pics before my phone died) 

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