Monday, July 15, 2013

Autism Mothers' Bond

In the beginning when we suspected that my Donomite may be Autistic, I felt helpless and alone.  I had no one to guide me or point me in the right direction.  I was lucky with those I was appointed and I think it helped that I pushed for a psychologist to asses him.  It showed that I was aware and determined, truth is I really didn't have a clue.  I just knew what I'd heard briefly on the news.  A story of a little boy who was 7 non verbal, and missed out on Early Intervention because of red tape and the parents continuous moving.  And of course movies such as Rainman.  

As I continued down the yellow brick road searching for the Grand Wizard of Oz, like Dorothy, I have encountered so many amazing individuals.  Some in person, others through social media, everyone's story is theirs but one thing is for certain a special bond that is shared between Autism moms and Autism Dads.  We know that look, we know what they feel and felt. And most of all, Don't you dare mess with their babies!!!! Cause we will unleash a wrath you wouldn't believe.  

A fellow mom shared this photo with me on Instagram.  We had crossed paths, but it was Instagram that brought us together.  I am very thankful it did!  But the truth is, I would have the same respect and admiration for her had we had never met in person!  Because we shared the same journey.  We may not have started out on that yellow brick road together, but we have traveled the same road, searching for the answers!  

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  1. People with autism have pronounced difficulty with play or imagining. The lack of the ability to play has a profound effect on the ability to understand the emotions of others therefore sharing joy or sorrow with another can be impossible.Tolerance