Kids with Autism Rock!!!!!

Official Logo of Autistic Kids Rock Established 2010

I came up with Autistic Kids Rock, while trying to think of ways to raise money for Autism.  I was just thinking of having a night out at a local lounge and requesting donations.  I reached out to a few venues, but no one would respond to my calls or text.  I contacted a friend who happened to work for lounge, and asked if he thought they would be interested.  He pointed me in the direction I needed and I stepped on the gas and met with the manager.  We discussed different possibilities and came up with a night of Karaoke.

I asked two of my closest friends if they would help put it all together.  We no experience at putting together a fundraise we went out on a wing and jumped.  We quickly brainstormed ideas and delegated the responsibilities amongst ourselves and went out full throttle.  We reached out to local vendors and asked for prizes to raffle off and donations.  I was amazed at how willing people were to donate, and how eager they were to participate or attend.  I hoped for a great turn out, and that is exactly what we got!!!  It was such an amazing feeling to be in a room full of people who knew Autism, and understood my journey first hand.  There were parents, family members, teachers, and therapist all together in one room to show support for all those living with Autism. 

It was so awesome to meet fellow parents and connect with them.  We even had a parent circle where we came together, and our excellent MC praised us for our jobs well done!  It was very emotional, but it felt amazing.  At that moment I knew that this wouldn't be out last event.  And that folks is the birth of Autistic Kids Rock

The very emotional Parent Circle

Overwhelmed with emotion and the moment I knew, this was the first and not the last!

Follow for announcements to our upcoming 6th Annual Autistic Kids Rock!!!

These are just a few of the people who make this event so successful! 

If you would like to know more Autistic Kids Rock or would like to help out Click Here: Contact Me

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