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I am the proud mom of three amazing children, and I am married to my childhood sweetheart.  We moved to Westchester County and have settled in Ossining, New York. My road hasn't been an easy one, in fact I have hit lots of bumps and have come across many detours. But no matter how many times I've reared off track or lose control, I get right back on the road and move forward.  Thank God for GPS.  In my case Googling, family, friends, and social networking.
 I met my hubby when we were kids.  We were in the same kindergarten class and lived in the same building growing up. I know, I know, awe how cute.  I think so too, but it wasn't always easy, and we broke up a couple of times. We started dating when we were 16 and married 11 years after.  After 2 years of marriage We wanted to start a family.  Trying was a lot of fun, but getting pregnant was difficult.  We decided to see a specialist.  After almost a year of trying and a miscarriage, it was my last try before in-vitro.  I was pregnant with my first Born Devynn.  I never expected that 4 months after, I would be pregnant again with my second Child, Donovan.  Dustin came 3 years after.  I like to believe that God knew I wanted kids so badly he blessed me with them back to back.  I don't think I would have planned it this way, but I'm glad it happened. 
 When I dreamed of having a family and imagined all the milestones and rites of passage.  I never thought about what if my child has disability.  So I bet you can imagine my surprise when I found out my Dono had Autism.  It never made me love him less or see him as less perfect.  It made me love him more.  Having Devynn, helped with Dono's progress.  She is an awesome big sister!  Devynn struggled in school, ever since kindergarten.  She was recently diagnosed with Dyslexia.  Dusty, had some speech delays, but with our history, we quickly had him assessed and started Early Intervention immediately.  So far, he has no diagnosis or learning disabilities, but we are keeping a close watch. Fast forward to today..... Dusty has been classified with ASD along with ADHD and Anxiety. 
You may be wondering where I'm going with all this.  Well I figured Id tell you a little about myself and how I ended up on the land of blogging.  While going through it all, I needed a place for me.  A place where I could express myself.  Then I thought wow, maybe if I share with others, they'll see that their crazy is normal!  I figured it could help me also, by meeting others who understand my madness. 
I hope you enjoyed your visit and come back soon!  I'm friendly and I usually don't bite.  Okay, maybe when I'm really hungry!! Leave a message, be sure to follow and share! 
This is me Lizette!  I don't always prance around in a tutu, but once a year I host a karaoke fundraiser for Autism. 

This is me and the Mister!  We clean up pretty well!

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