Monday, December 29, 2014

#Deed A Day : 100 Good Deeds

Why should we only give for Christmas? With the season of giving coming to an end and the New Year is quickly approaching, I am proud to say that I have Joined the Deed a Day organization in setting a resolution to do a good deed a day! The 100 Good Deeds bracelet is not only a cause to encourage everyone to do a good deed, but it also a fashion statement.  In a world full of chaos and a bit of crazy, I think that the Deed a Day movement is an amazing thing.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone smile because of something you were able to help them with, all while looking good doing it.  Whether it's picking up someone's keys after they have fallen, or helping an overwhelmed parent in a supermarket.  Paying it forward is something that more people should do.  The rewards is the greatest feeling, and the bracelet is motivation and reminder of the good you have done and will continue to do.
The 100 Good Deeds project is made possible by the Abataka Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As a mother of a 10 year old daughter, I stand behind and appreciate what they are about. Their mission is to transform communities by empowering vulnerable women and spread kindness.  The Abataka Foundation provides economic and educational opportunities to women and girls across Africa and elsewhere. Proceeds from the sale of 1GD bracelets are reinvested in the program, supporting more women and girls with more training in even more countries.
These beautiful bracelets are made by vulnerable women who have been trained for this work in Uganda, India, Indonesia, Zambia, South Africa, Rwanda, and Inilnand Haiti. This project gives these women a way to support their families through earnings, while empowering them to also contribute to good deeds around the world.  Curious about these women? If you would like to Join the movement or know someone who would, and you'd like to gift them with one these amazing bracelets Check out their website out for more information. 
Help me make this a better world, a more giving world, a world we want to live in!!!! A world where our woman feel empowered and encouraged to do good and become great! Join the #DEEDaDay Movement share one of the following images on Facebook, Instagram, twitter or Pinterest using hashtag #DEEDADAY and/or #1GD. Be sure to tag the 100 Good Deeds Bracelet:

Together we can change the world, one deed, one bead, and one act of kindness at a time! The 1GD bracelet gives you 100 changes to be grateful.
 If you would like a chance to win a bracelet and learn more about Mary Fisher and her amazing work, be sure to  mark your calendar to join us tomorrow from 9-10 pm ET for the #DeedADay #GNO hosted by the Mom it Forward team. 100 Good Deed Bracelet founder, Mary Fisher, will be joining us for what is sure to be an inspiring conversation! For more information or to RSVP, click here.

I was gifted this 100 Good Deeds bracelet to review and share with my readers. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.

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