Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Am I My Brother's Keeper

I remember wanting to have a child.  I was willing to do whatever it took to become a mother.  It was a process and a roller coaster of emotions.  I miscarried, and I had a blighted Ovum.  It took a lot of prayer, injections, pills, and doctor visits! 

And just when I thought I would have to try another method, BAM! I got pregnant!  I was blessed with a beautiful little girl!  My Devynn.

Imagine my surprise when she was 4 months old and I learned I was pregnant AGAIN!  I said to myself I prayed so hard God felt I needed another blessing! He gave me my Donomite!  

Devynn and Dono, immediately connected.  She was nurturing and very protective of him.  He looked up to her.  In fact, she was a huge part of his progress.  He would imitate her, and responded to her!  She didn't fully understand, but she would and still to this day tries to help others understand him.  

Every so often, she will ask me "mommy when you die, do I have to take care of Donovan?" And my reply is "you don't have to, but I would hope that you will always look out for each other" Dev and Dono have a younger brother.  My littlest one Dustin.  I am doing all I can to raise them, to love one another and to support each other.  

See, my Devynn has Dyslexia.  She struggles in school, and doesn't like to read or write.  So I worry about her too!  I push her to try her best and to have confidence in herself.  

This is one of Devynn's creations! It says, this is my other brother. He is Autistic, and I really do love in my heart!  I saw this on her bedroom door.  I was filled with so much emotion.  Even with all the errors, I still feel the love that she has for him.  

It shows me that I'm doing something right, and it gives me hope!  It eases my fear of the future.  I can see that she is her brothers keeper!  And her brothers will be their sisters keeper!  

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