Sunday, April 13, 2014

How to get to the Baseball Field?!

The Challenger League baseball season is starting.  And you(r) child (ren) are going to play baseball.  

We want to help make the process go as smoothly as possible!  

There are different ways that you make travel to get to the field.  Some may drive a car. 

Some take the train 

Or they may ride the bus. 

Some might have to take a train and a bus!  

The field is located in the Waters Place Center by Mercy College.  

It may be a little difficult to find but we are right behind a pathmark on Eastchester Road, and across from the new LA Fitness they recently built.  

The nearest Train is the 6 line and the stop would be Westchester Square/East Tremont.  On a nice day, it may be a nice walk, from the station to the field.  But if you don't want to walk you can catch the 
21 bus to Waters Place & Hutchinson Pkwy.  

You can also take The Bx 40 & Bx 42 to East Tremont & Hutchinson Pkwy.  

If your taking public transportation, enter through the 1200 - 1260 Waters Place entrance/Hutchison Metro Center. 

The field is just a few feet away from this sign.  

This is the entrance you will enter through if you are coming by walking, train or Bus. 

If you are coming by car, the field is located right the Hutchinson River Pkwy. Please note we are located inside the Hutchinson Metro Center, not at field right off of Westchester Avenue.  

If you need to park your vehicle, please enter through the 1300 Waters Place Entrance. 

It will look a bit confusing when you enter, but just keep to the right.  

You will come to circle/intersection. Turn right and go straight. 

Go slow and keep straight, and prepare to turn left into parking lot D.  

At parking lot D, you may park your vehicle.  

The field is located right across from the Parking Lot.  

Follow the path straight to the field.  You're almost there!!! 

There is a walkway that will lead you right to baseball field we will be playing in.  

When you get to end, the challenger Field will be on the left hand side.  

We are extremely excited and cannot wait to start the season!!!! 

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