Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What's to come?!

Dear Diary,

Sorry it's been so long since my last post.  I have so much going on and I have neglected you quite a bit.  As the days slipped by I started to think that what I had to say didn't really matter much. As I have been meeting new parents who are interested in signing up their ausome kids to the challenger league, I have realized that although I am not famous and I don't have a large following;  I do have experience and some knowledge that may help someone else. Everyone's journey is different, and what I share may just help someone along those bumpy corners through their journey.  I can be that random person who is standing there, and can point you in the right direction.  I was talking to a mom today and  I totally recognized the tone in her voice.  It was that tone that says," I am not sure I am doing it right, I am scared and frustrated with the unknown, I am learning as much as I can, but do you have all the answers?"  It brought me back to all my first time moments.  Dono's diagnosis, turning five, IEP, and so much more. Hearing her, made me want to tell her come over let's sit and chat.  It made me remember why I started to share my experiences. I was shouting out for help and hoping that maybe I could help ease someones fears, by showing that not knowing everything about Autism is okay.  It doesn't mean that you are not doing enough for your child.    

As I travel down my road, and I meet people I am more aware of how we connect.  My puzzle is definitely not complete, and I have a ton of pieces to connect, But I am liking the image that is forming in front if me.  I have a purpose on this earth.  I am by far an expert and I have so much more to learn.  I am not sure what is in store for us, but I will keep my self open to what is coming our way.  I truly welcome all those that enter my world and let me into theirs.


A Loving Mom 

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