Tuesday, January 14, 2014

ABA, IEP, and CSE OH MY?!!!

The Wizard of Oz is one of my all time favorite movies.  As a little girl i was amazed by it.  Good witches and lollipop kids. It was awesome to see it go from black and white to color!  I am 100% positive that the ruby slippers is what started my obsession with shoes!  As I got older, I understood the messages and I learned to love it even more.

Lately I have been feeling as if a twister has blown by and swept me up.  I have been spinning out of control and I've crashed.  I didn't land in the amazing land of Oz.  Instead I landed in the land if the IEP.  Instead of good witches and lollipop kids, I have an advocate and semi supportive DOE staff.  I don't have a yellow brick road, instead I have a lot of sticky red tape! And of course the Wizard is not in sight.  So here I am trucking my way, while sorting through it all. Checking off each task as I complete it.  

Along my way I have my own version of the Tin Man, Scarecrow and lion. The Tin Man- A school appointed psychologist who claims she cares, but refuses all requests with a smile. The Scarecrow- A Speech Therapist that was recently hired, who continues to mention that she is just a few credits away from being ABA certified.  The Lion- A teacher who truly cares, but is bound by her responsibility to the department.

I know that the wicked witch ( DOE) will send out their evil flying monkies (CSE) to detain my requests, and try to force me to quit my journey.  But I won't, because even if there isn't a Great Old Wizard of Oz, who can give me all the answers, I have learned to believe in myself.  I can and will do whatever I can to assure that my Son will get what he needs!  

I'm thinking I am going to Dust off my Ruby Red Slippers, slip them on and follow the Sticky Red Taped Road, with my Good Witch, my awesome advocate, because we both have heart, brains and courage!  


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