Sunday, November 3, 2013

I'm okay!!!!

So yesterday my sister in law decided to celebrate my nephew's birthday at The Castle Fun Center.  We all had a great time!  Adults and children.  There were so many fun activities to do, from skating, laser tag, Rock climbing and more! My Trio was excited and couldn't wait to do everything!  Even my Donomite!  We arrived at Fun Castle and Dono immediately wanted to play in the Game Center.  Elijah my nephew hadn't arrived yet, so we purchased a castle card and set the kiddies off with the hubby while I went and ordered food, for him and I.  The kids were gonna get pizza and goodies at the event center so the adults needed to fuel up for the festivities! 

Once our food was ready we all met up at the food court.  We all ate quickly and headed to the party.  Dono followed along.  Never ran off he was focused.  He sat at the table and for the most part participated appropriately. 

 After pizza, ice cream and cake we were off to skate!  Even the adults!!!!! I was excited to see how the kids and adults would do. My Dono was anxious and this made me happy!!! He really wanted to skate.  He had them on and now he was standing!!!! He wasn't very balanced, but he kept trying!  And I loved watching every second of it.  He held my hand tight and we were off!  Dev and Dusty were awesome!  Dev flew in and out and my Dusty like a baby colt wobbled a bit but once he got the hang of it, there was no stopping him!  And he didn't want to hold my hand.  

My Donomite he wasn't Graceful or fast, but he continued to try. When he fell, he'd yell "I'M OKAY!" and get back up with assistance; but kept right on skating!   At one point he told me "I'm done!" I took him off the rink and he sat out with his dad.  Only to get right back up after a few minutes and he kept skating with his Dad!  

I was so PROUD of him!!!! He even let go of my hand and tried on his own!  He was DONOMITE!!!!! 

Next up was laser tag and we lined up, but, laser tag was a no go, and that was okay.  We got our castle Game Center card and we played games.  While we were playing he discovered the bowling area.  I was trying to figure it out and he was getting impatient, so I said, "let's go ask the lady". So my Dono walks right up to her and says, "Excuse me, can I play bowling?!" Woo Hoo!  That's my boy!  Funny how something so simple can make me so happy and proud!  

He rocked!  He didn't want the bumpers up either!  Oh wait I forgot to tell you guys how Awesome he was at the games!  

He won three separate prizes with the claw grabbing machine all by himself!  And he was shooting hoops with ease!!!! 

He even rocked the hoop with his little Brother!!! 

He was OH SO DONOMITE!!!!!! 

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