Thursday, October 10, 2013

No Offense But....

My Donomite had a psychologist Appointment today.  I just started a new job, so I asked the hubby if he could take him.  After careful thought I went along. 

 We finally arrive at the doctors office after driving around forever looking for parking. I signed in and proceeded to the waiting area.  I checked in with the receptionist and she tells me, "I don't have him on the list." Great!!!! So as I am talking to the receptionist, trying to resolve the situation, I hear my Donomite very Loudly and very clearly say.... "Um, no offense, but I think I should see a real doctor!!!!" I stopped talking and looked around the waiting area, trying to figure out if I'd heard him correctly, and if he really said what I thought he said.  Everyone's eyes were on us.  I said "did you just say no offense?" The receptionist answered, "oh yes he did!" I was so excited that he used it in a proper sentence and in the right context.  

I tell you, at that moment I didn't care who he offended, I was so proud of my Donomite!!!  

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