Monday, October 7, 2013

Let Us Pray

This past Friday a 14 year old non verbal Autistic boy, managed to leave his school at about 12 pm without anyone, but the school cameras seeing him.  No guards were at the doors to stop him from leaving the building.  

This really hits close to home.  My Donomite has wandered off one too many times.  His most recent whodinni act was this past August.  It was after work and I was leaving the sitter's house and taking the kids to the local park.  It all happened in a matter of seconds.  He had hopped on his scooter and rode off.  Usually he'd wait for me, but not this time!  I began to panic!  I checked in front of my house, back in the courtyard, and in the parking lot by the complex.  He was no where to be found! My heart sank. And all these horrible thoughts began to flood my brain!!! I had to think fast.  I didn't want to believe that he was at the park because that would mean he crossed a street by himself!!!! I rushed Dev and Dusty back to the sitter and called to tell her what was going on.  I ran to the park. All the way my eyes kept scanning the area.  My heart was pounding so hard I couldn't breathe and I could feel and hear it in my ears.  As I crossed the street, I imagined him on his scooter oblivious to the oncoming traffic and my eyes filled with tears.  I always point out that you have to look both ways, but I am not sure he really understands.  As I approached the park. I tried to pick him out from the crowd of children. And there he was, smiling and having a great time! He wasn't aware that he'd done something wrong.  In fact he was confused to find me so upset.  

I found my Donomite and he was safe.  But so much  could have gone wrong!  I thank God, for keeping safe and allowing me to find him quickly.  I can imagine what his poor mother is feeling!  I pray they find him safe.  I hope when they do find him,  that he is smiling and confused as to why mommy is upset.  Because then it would mean he wasn't scared, or suffering.  

I recently loosened my mother grip, but ever since Friday it is back and stronger than ever.  Parents please repost and spread the word.  But most of all Pray for his safe return!  

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