Thursday, August 8, 2013

Jack Pot!!!

If you're familiar with Autism,  spontaneity is not a norm.  Well at least with my Donomite.  My Dono is affectionate.  He likes hugs and kisses, but he doesn't volunteer them.  Most times I grab him up and overwhelm him with hugs and kisses. 

Weekday mornings if he didn't wake on his own, I have to wake him or just dress him while he's sleeping, until he officially wakes up.  This morning he woke up and came to my bed.  He squeezed between me and Dustin (my youngest) and cuddled next to me.  I was tempted to stay in bed a little longer, but with my little incident the other day,( The Incident )WELL.... Lets just say I dragged myself out of bed.  I did my usual morning rituals, got him dressed and then he decided to hang out with Nick Jr. Until the bus came.  I started to get Dusty ready and wait for the bus.  

When the bus arrived, I quickly went to get Dono and take him to the bus.  I kept to our routine.  Book bag, kisses, blessings, and I love you.  I ended with a little prep, "you're going to the movies, have fun." (He says he is scared of the movies, we don't know why) I expected protesting, and for him to say no I'm scared.  I went to hand him over to the matron and WAIT FOR IT!!!!!!!!! He turned around and gave me a big hug!!!! 

I played powerball yesterday.  I may not have hit the lotto, but I definitely hit JACK POT!!!! Smiles for everyone!!!!! 

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