Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dreams Do Come True, If you have the Heart!

It is my thought, that our world is so preoccupied, with being real that there is no longer any room for dreaming, fairy tales, or make believe.  I remember growing up and watching the Magic Garden, Sha Na Na, Looney Tunes and so many more.  Sitcoms, like Family Ties, Cosby Show and Growing Pains were family oriented and depicted issues that families may go through.  They showed conflict, but most of all they showed that there was a way to resolve conflict and work through problems. Weekly we watched and saw how they would come together and work as a family Unit.  Cartoons like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.  Yeah, they were sort of violent, but they had a message.  Not like Sponge Square pants!  I swear I still don’t get the purpose of that show. 
The Magic Garden
Sha Na Na
Looney Tune
Family Ties
Growing Pains

The Cosby Show

I know that many of these families didn't really reflect me personally and my household.  I came from more of a bi racial Eight is Enough sitcom.  But, it was a better depiction of what is put out today.  I understand that this is a different era and that the world is evolving.  Things are changing every day, but it shouldn’t allow us to forget about fantasies and happy endings. Today's TV, allows us to accept dysfunction and Chaos.  That keeping up with the joneses is the thing to do to be accepted by society and peers.  I know I sound like I have been splashed with pixie dust and I am flying around in never never land.  But, I think we should always take time to find our happy place!

People today are so caught up in trying to keep up with the “real” that they see on today’s TV, that they do not allow themselves to believe in miracles, dreams or hope for better. They have lost their heart.  Passion and drive is dying.   Parents don’t teach about Santa Claus, because he isn’t real.  To me Santa Claus was a part of my childhood, and so was the Tooth Fairy. They helped me with learning how to behave, look forward to something, and to appreciate my rewards.  I never really saw them when it mattered, but I never stopped believing they were real.  Just like God, I have never seen him, but my Faith is strong.  And no I won’t go on a rant, and start preaching the bible, but I will say this.  Sometimes, miracles do come true.  You may not realize it, because you are so preoccupied with being real.  So I ask you to take a moment and remember being a child. Find your heart.  Think about how much fun it was to play, to make up stuff and dress up.  A box could be anything you wanted it to be, as long as you imagined it. 

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