Monday, July 22, 2013

Would you like Rice with that Ketchup?

It's not just rice.  It's just about anything my Donomite eats. He must drown it in ketchup.  Not sure when or how it started, but he loves it.  On white rice (which is the only kind of rice he eats) fries, any kind of meat even on bacon!!!

He's always had a pretty good appetite. But he is very particular.  He loves fruit, especially strawberries. He's gained a lot of weight in a very short period of time.  The doctors are always telling me to cut down his food intake.  When I open my mouth to respond, I get that look of you're the parent he is the child.  YEAH! Very true!!! I am the adult.  But Donovan has very sporadic sleeping patterns, and he wakes up in the middle of the night and raids the kitchen.  It is why I try and keep only healthy snacks in the house. BUT! Donovan can eat a whole sack of tangerines, a basket of strawberries or a bag of apples by himself.  Too much of a good thing isn't good!

I do as the doctors say and I try to monitor his intake, but he is sneaky and If I turn my back for a minute, he is in the kitchen making himself a sandwich, or heating something up in the microwave.  We have even tried locking the fridge. But he managed to pop the lock.  Donovan has always tried to do things on his own.  I have always appreciated his want for independence, but it also made therapies difficult, because he wanted to do his own things. The stuff he enjoyed to do. 

I try to keep my Donomite active.  We go out to the park to ride his bike.  He rides for like 5 sec intervals and then he sits down.  He seemed really excited about basketball, but the season ended. (I have never been so excited for September in my life).  He likes to play with the xbox Kinect. He has major sensory issues and the Kinect is great for him.  It allows him to use his body to play the game.  He helps him with his stimming a bit.  Now that it is summer we go swimming at the beach or pool a lot.  He loves the water.  So much that he doesn't want to come out and eat.  But he does get out, he wants a sandwich ASAP!!!

How do you deal with your child's appetite or lack of?   

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