Saturday, July 13, 2013

The negligent bus!!!

So, yesterday I had the biggest scare of my life!!! My mom called me and asked where was Donovan.  Doesn't sound scary, right?  I know!!! But wait!!! Donovan gets dropped off at my mom's house Afterschool.  Apparently, the bus hadnt arrived, so my mom, calls the bus driver and asks when were they dropping him off.  He then responds by saying that Donovan wasn't at school and he isn't on the bus. He asked her if I'd picked him up.  My mom told him that he was in school and that I hadn't picked him up.  The driver then told my mom that he would go back to the school and see if he was still there.  

Now my mom calls me, as I'm driving back from getting Devynn from her Summer Program.  I felt so many emotions all at one time.  I was outraged,  and terrified.  Devynn heard and began to freak out and ask questions I didn't have the answers to.  How am I going to tell my husband Dono is missing?!  

I proceed to call his school, the person who answered sound confused.  She was positive he was put on the bus.  But she put me on hold.  She had to call me back.  Soooo not the answer I wanted.  All these thoughts and images of my child started running through my mind.  

I called my husband right after and tried to make sense of it.  He did his best to calm me and I tried to keep it together, not to freak him out.   

Minutes felt like hours.  And I still didn't know where he was.  THEN!!!! BAM!!!! No I didn't crash!!! Worse then that TRAFFIC!   Why me?! Just when I was about to crack!!! I didn't know how to keep it together anymore! My phone rings! It's my mom! The driver called and Donovan had been on the bus the ENTIRE time! Now I was both relieved and outraged!  

These are the moments that cause my anxieties.  And keeps me in awe.  What happens when I'm not around, but yet through it all Dono was oblivious.  

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