Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'm Smiling Mommy

Yesterday was supposed to be the first day of swimming classes for my Donomite and Dev.  Unfortunately mother nature has been pretty pissy lately and decided to have a moment right before the class was going to begin.   As the kids were walking towards the pool, there was a loud boom of thunder.  I heard and hoped the lifeguards didn't.  But, the expressions on their faces showed that they had.  Class was cancelled.  Policy is that if they hear thunder they must wait 45 minutes.

I am sure all the other children were disappointed.  Dev and one of her BFFs who is also taking the class were, but they understood that is wasn't safe and they would come back tomorrow.  NOT MY DONOMITE!!! He  was devastated.  The class being cancelled caused a MAJOR meltdown.  He started to cry and protest.  He refused to leave he wanted to win the race.  I tried my best to soothe him and reassure him we would be back.  After a few more minutes, I said "Dono, if you continue to cry, we won't come back tomorrow"  He replied while wiping his tears, "Okay mommy, I'm smiling.  I'm smiling mommy". 

I love my Donomite, and I know that there will be tons of disappointments and meltdowns.  But as long as he can smile, I will smile too! 

Yesterday, was an eye opener for me.  In fact this summer has been amazing.  I am seeing him grow and begin to mature some.  He is engaging and trying to play with children other than his siblings, cousins, and classmates.  He is still socially awkward and doesn't really understand social cues, but he is doing more than what he was before. I usually hold him with a death grip and am very afraid to let him go.  But lately I have been loosening up my grip and actually allowing him to go out on his own, (With my eyes on him the entire time).  I love to watch him play in the sprinkler and in the park.  Seeing him swim and jump around.  He strengthens my hopes and fuels me to continue fighting for what he needs. 

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