Monday, July 15, 2013

Date Night!

Being a mom of three, two children having a disability (Autism and Dyslexia)  and working a full time job can be exhausting.  Juggling work, appointments and a marriage, sometimes I wonder how I keep going. 

Friday, I had a huge busing scare that put both myself and the hubby in a panic. I was pretty exhausted once I was able to calm down.  The hubby called and asked if I would like to go out and eat.  SHOCKING!!! But it was music to my ears.  I then asked where. Having three kids and going out to a restaurant sometimes leaves your choices quite limited.  Especially on a Friday night.  He took the initiative and asked his sister if she would stay with the kids while we went out to have a bite to eat. And she said yes, bring them over!  YAY!!!!!!   I quickly freshened up threw on my red pumps!  We dropped the kids off,  hopped in the car and went to eat.  We ordered some Pina Coladas and began to unwind.  We laughed, I cried, and we stuffed our faces with food.  It was great!  I felt young again.  Just like when we were teens and falling in love.  After dinner we went across the street to a bar to have a couple more cocktails, and bumped into another fellow Warrior Mom whose son Also has Autism.  Again we laughed and drank and bumped into a few more familiar faces.  We got a text from his sister saying "Pick up the kids tomorrow they fell asleep" Definitely a HOME RUN kinda evening. 

Saturday, I was able to lay in bed with no interruptions.  I woke up only because I had to use the bathroom (TMI Sorry) I didn't wake up with a tiny foot digging into my back, No screaming kids, no Mommy this Mommy that.  Just complete silence.  Had breakfast in bed and some more alone time with the hubby. It felt good to talk to one another and to also be able to lay still without someone else fighting for either of us attention.  Eventually the hubby had Honey do chores over at my mom's house so I then had THE WHOLE HOUSE to MYSELF!!!! I felt like I hit the lottery!!! This was awesome.  I was able to shower in peace, clean up and get the kids clothes so I could pick them up.

I know that when you become a parent, your children are your priority,  but also remember that your children will eventually grow up and move out.  You and your significant other must always work on keeping the romance and relationship together.  I have read and heard others criticize mothers or fathers who go out together or separately and leave their kiddies at home.  Don't!  Moments like these are necessary.  It makes you a better parent., a better spouse, It helps you maintain your sanity and recharge your batteries.  It helps to appreciate your spouse and your children.   But most of all it gives you a sense of self, and helps you know that you are loved and appreciated as well! 

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