Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Let's Play Ball

My Donomite has been asking for quite some time to play baseball.  He had never asked for anything like this before! He asked to go to the beach, zoo, park, and dinosaur museum.  A few other places, but never a sport or place where he would have to be active and focused.  Most of all something so social.  

My nephew plays for the bronxchester league and we'd gone to see him play.  I was talking to one of sisters from another mister about Dono's interest in playing baseball.  She remembered that there was a parent who had an autistic nephew who played in westchester.  We asked her and she couldn't remember the name, but she would get back to me.  

It wasn't very long after when I got the text with the info.  I immediately looked it up.  The Miracle League of Westchester.  The website was very outdated.  I thought maybe I had the wrong site, but I emailed them and it took them a day or so to reply.  They said that they met on Sundays.  We couldn't go that Sunday because Devynn had her annual dance recital, I was gonna make sure I was there the following Sunday!  AND, I am so thankful we did!  Look at the smile on my Donomite's face!  He sat patiently in the dugout, waiting his turn at bat.  He engaged with the other person when throwing the ball during catch time.  He needed little to no assistance at all.  He hit the ball with the first swing and he ran the bases like a champ!  

Unfortunately that was the first and last game of the season for my Dono, But we are beginning training for next year!  Dad is excited about working with him.  Dad was a major sports player growing up!  He was a Deon Sander or Bo Jackson.  He played most sports with baseball and football being his best. It feels good seeing them together!  And I loved sitting in the bleachers with his other two cheerleaders Dev and Dusty!!! So Let's Play Ball!!!

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