Tuesday, January 25, 2022



I always felt like I was on the outside looking in.  I loved large family gatherings and watching groups of friends hanging out.  I wanted to be a part of it, but inviting myself felt wrong.  

Just because someone doesn't include me in an event or activity, doesn't mean that they don't like me or don't want me in their lives.  It is okay, not to be included.  

Your value and worth, isn't based on how others see you.  Your value and worth is based on what you believe you are worth.  Just cause someone doesn't consider you a super star, doesn't mean that you aren't!  

I have come such a long way.  There have been lapses. I would be lying if I said that it doesn't sting sometimes, but then I sit back and reflect on all the great that I already have. Overall, I reset and refocus on my path of self healing. 

Shine bright! KNOW YOUR WORTH!!!!! 

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Don't Block Blessings


Don't block your blessings

For way too long I spent my life comparing myself to what and how others were doing.  It took me a while to figure it out, but I know now that by doing this I was blocking my happiness. 

Now my focus is to only compare myself to who I was yesterday.  My mission is to be a better me, by taking it day by day, understanding that there will be times that I relapse. But by being aware of my actions and my reactions, I will do better to appreciate what I already have.

Today three things that I am grateful for are

 My Children. They have shown me to love without judgment and unconditionally.  Watching them grow, laugh and live life fills me with a joy that I have never ever felt before having them.  I cannot imagine my life without them in it. 

My Husband. He has taught me that it is okay to relax a bit and trust the process.  That although things may seem grim, Things will work out.  Even if it isn’t the way you expected them to. 

My Home. Home is where I can appreciate nature and nurture my family.  My home is my sanctuary.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Day 13 of 365 - Charging

 Sorry no real post today.  Taking a break for some me time.  Bath and a book! 

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Day 12 of 365 -I am Ready to Soar

 If I haven’t mentioned it yet, I have decided to set off onto a journey of self fulfillment. I have had several situations and things happen in my life, that have truly wakened me. It has shown me that much of the choices I have made or tend to make are mainly based on the needs of others. 

I am now more conscious of my actions these days and I really think about if I want to do something because it makes me happy versus if it will make someone else happy. But most of all if I am doing it just to keep them in my life. 

I like any change in lifestyle there may be relapses, but I am keeping myself accountable. I have lost too many people who were huge parts of my life, and I am still healing from the loss. But now I see that if they truly want to be in my life they would be. So I am listening to the universe, my heart, my mind and mostly my soul. 

I had a reading today. An awesome woman, Kendra Valentin of the Dragonfly Wellness Center, who I believe I was destined to cross paths with read my cards. I was curious to see what energies and messages were out there for me. And, it only confirmed all that I knew. I need to find me, I have to find ways to enjoy life. To free my spirit and allow the fun and carefree Liz soar! I need to do more that makes me happy and allow myself to open myself in every way! By opening up and rising high enough to see the bigger picture, the true message. I need to clear my mind to be able to receive the guidance I need! 

Ladies and Gents! I am clearing my thoughts and I am choosing me! I am releasing my wings, and this bird is ready to soar!!!!

Monday, January 11, 2021

Day 11 of 365 - I am Human

I am human! I started to beat myself up, because I am feeling down. I started to think that I failed to achieve my goal of positive thinking and happiness. But, I remembered that I am human and it’s okay to hurt when you see someone you care for not doing well. And on top of that my mom’s heavenly anniversary is next week. I own my pain, I embrace it and I will heal.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Day 10 of 365 - I CAN!

 When we think of fitness, exercise and strength, we never think of our minds.  But, the truth is that our brains are the strongest organs in our bodies!  It controls everything we do.  It controls how we move, how we see, taste and so much more! If you allow it, it can make you believe things that aren’t real or true.  

Although it can, you have the power to change your mindset! If you tell yourself you can’t, you won’t! Think about that the next time you want to achieve something, I can!  

You can be confident, you can be great, you can be happy!  

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Day 9 0f 365 - Human Connection


Maybe it is the fact that I almost died yesterday, or maybe it is because we are in the midst of a pandemic where so many are dying.  Or maybe it is the fact that we need to quarantine and stay away from friends and family members.  Whatever it is, I know now and I appreciate it with ever fiber of my being!  HUMAN Connection!  I like to think that those who are close to me and those who may have had very little connections with me, know just how very grateful I am to them!  And most of all what they truly mean to me!  

Today I was blessed with some girl time with one of my besties!  We linked up via zoom and then FaceTime when zoom started to freeze up.  It wasn't anything fancy.  We logged into twitch to watch and listen to DJ Uch Wally while he mixed it up on Twitch this evening.  We had time to catch up on our lives,    discuss some of the recent shows that we watched and laugh.  Nothing fancy, no bells or whistles.  Just two friend shooting the shit and laughing!!!! 

I leave you with this.... They say you only live once, but the truth is, We live Everyday, we only die once! Live, Live like it is your last! Continue to keep yourself safe and those around you, but think outside the box, and maintain relationships with those that help keep your spirits up!  

LIVE LAUGH and LOVE!!!! Tell those you love that you love them!